I'm currently developing an ESL pharmaceutical course for students who already work within the industry. The students will be intermediate and/or/to advanced English students.
Does anyone have suggestions on topics and/or materials (books, videos, magazines,etc)?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Nocole

I am a teacher of English working in the pharma industry in Spain. There is not a lot of material out there I´m afraid. I too am developing an integrated course for professionals within the industrial operations side of the business. The best you can do is to track down trade mags of which there are numerous(see internet). The industry tends to guard itself quite closely, making it difficult to get hold of juicy bits of material. If I can be of some assistance then please email me at <Email removed by a mod. Please register and add it to your profile.>

The key to my planning is tracking down the pharmacopia guidelines and SOP´s. Ministry of health resources can be of value.

Best Wishes

Steven Morgan
Hi Nicole

I am starting to teach a course in English for pharmacists - beginners and intermediate - for Russian and Arab native speakers.

If you managed to get your course together I would be very grateful for some assistance with getting material together - either books or from the internet.

Thank you in advance,

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Hei, Nicole,
I am Kianan from Malaysia, just start to learn more about complimentary therapy, i would suggest Nutrition and supplement that may help/assist modern life style illness.

I have noted that the University of Bath's English Language Tests (UBELT) are due to release practice tests for sale from May 2008. These tests are profession specific and include a UBELT Pharmacists Test. The UBELT Office can be contacted by email at Email Removed">Email Removed. Alternatively they do supply some information about test preparation which includes details of a book 'English for Pharmacists' by Anna W. Kierczak

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Hi Nicole--How serendipitous. I am a lawyer with close to 15 years in the pharma/life sciences industry and am now trying to transition back to my ESL roots. Was thinking of doing putting together a Special Purposes English class for pharma. Problem is I do not have a science background. I would be happy to collaborate and share materials.

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oxford has cŕeated a pefagogical tool for that.it's called "English for the pharmaceutical industry.I'm mysemf building up a concept of cpirses based on their book.together with suitable videos from you tube for interactive activities.good luck!