I have a question about the phrase 'play ball'.

If someone says "Let's play ball with me.",
what kinds of ball sports do you think of ?

I have heard that some people vision other than baseball,
is it true?
Unless the speaker is using the idiom 'play ball' meaning 'cooperate', I would immediately think 'baseball'-- I am watching the third game of the 'Subway Series' as I type. (Matsui just hit a game-tying single in the 8th inning!!)
In UK, we don't think of baseball (because we don't play it!) "Play ball" in the literal sense would simply mean "go and play with a ball" - with no reference to any particular game.
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Hello Mister Micawber and abbie1948,

I am really happy to know the detail of the phrase.
Your comments are very helpful to me.

Now I am studying sports idioms,
so I will check not only characters but also the background.

Thank you so much!
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