Hi hitch,

I am planning to teach phonetics in my site. But I don't know how to set up a play bar. Want to share some knowledge on the setting-up like what you sometimes do in this section ?
I can send you the flash technology that does it - are you familiar with flash? - You will also need to be able to make MP3s.
unluckily, I don't know either.
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I think it is not necessarily being saved as MP3 right ? It can be other format ???
As I don't know how to make MP3, I saved the sound file as .wav and use the html code for the play bar recommended by someone. It seems to take forever to play the file online Emotion: sad
Hi whl,

Sorry I missed your thread - I'm being bombarded with MyDoom.A emails at the moment; so I'm unable to filter through my email properly!

You need to learn to make MP3s, WAV files are 15-20x bigger and take that much longer to download.

Try this for starters: [url="http://download.com.com/3000-2140-10260271.html?tag=lst-0-3 "]Convert wav to mp3[/url]
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I got the software from your recommended link and were able to convert .wav into mp3. Probably because the convertion is bad or the file still too big to process. The voice is gone unidentified Emotion: sad

If I fail to come up with such section, it might be a blessing in disguise to users as it sounds like MAD COW Emotion: stick out tongue