Can you think of any other words to say "play truant"?
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skiving (V.v.v.v.v.british word)
shirking off
to bunk off, to cut classes, to ditch classes....
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to skip class(es), to play hooky - a great french expression "faire l'école buissonière", roughly translates to "go to school in the woods" (is there anything like this in english?)
I don't think you can say that.
Could you say the school on the corner?
Can you say there is a glass house in the forest? The children attend a glasshouse in the forest and they don't play truant.
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No, school on the corner and glass house in the forest aren't really said.
Around here, people mostly say "cutting class" or "skipping." Nobody really uses any of the other expressions when speaking informally.
skive off
to "dog it" it the scottish term eg, "are you going to dog it today" or "i'm dogging it"
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