Jane likes to play with her pet.

Jane likes to play with water.ov

Jane likes to play with the piano.


Do all of the "with" in the above mean about the same to you? If yes, what does it mean? Thanks.
... play with her dog. -- This is very normal.

... play with water. -- What does this mean? My younger daughter used to enjoy having toys in the bath her her - I guess she played with water, but this is not a very normal thing to say.

... play the piano. -- Don't use "with" here, unless you mean she enjoys moving it around the room, opening and closing the lid, etc. Not normal behavior.
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Thanks, GG.

Yes, in all of the instances, your explanation is what I mean. Then, are all of the "with" convey the same meanings? What does it mean? Could you explain it in other words? Thanks.
It is the devise, substance, persaon, companion with which you enjoy some sort of entertainment.

If I play with a toy, I use it for the purpose of play.

If I play with water, I'm' somehow using it for the purposes of play - perhaps I have a good time pouring it from one cup to another?