I'm wondering if I should use the form "players' salary" or "players' salaries" given that players' salaries are defined to have the same characteristic in a sentence.. such as when I want to convey that "all the players' salaries have been increasing of late".

In a complicated sentence, I feel like making the salary plural is kind of 'redundant' and maybe it takes extra work for a reader to discern the meaning since the multiple salaries don't have distingushing characteristics from just a single salary. If I say salaries, then I kind of think each salary has the potential of being different from any other salary.

In the simple example sentences:

1) Baseball players' salaries have been increasing of late.

2) Baseball players' salary has been increasing of late.

I get the feeling that 1) is more correct, but is 2) not correct at all? can I say it like that?

By the way, yes I am really wondering about this.. I want to erase this doubt from my mind.

Thanks ^_^
Each player has their own salary, so #1 is far preferable.

You could perhaps say "The salary paid to baseball players has been increasing," but even that would be better if everyone were paid the same amount (and they are not.)
I think my opinion is even stronger than Barb's.
I wouldn't even consider using the second choice.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have a question regarding what you said, about each player having a different salary.

How about the following sentence?

"The level of salary paid to baseball players has been increasing"

Is that more preferable than

"The levels of salaries paid to baseball players have been increasing"?

Since the level has the same defining characteristic (that it's increasing).

Also, what about this one?

"The level of salaries paid to baseball players has been increasing"?

Lastly, so although it's not perferable, I can still say it in the form #2 in my original post? It's not gramatically incorrect?

Thanks again.
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