Hi all,

I realise I am new here, and this is my first post, however I came across this website when looking for advice on motivation letters for a masters, and thought that you may all be able to help with this one, I'd be happy to help out where I can contribute.

some notes to begin with; - i'm too modest, don't like writing about myself in this sort of way, so am finding it quite hard with regards to why they should pick me. I'm not to sure how to write it, but here are some positives aspects of my I believe... -really want to do this course, so am learning Spanish in preparation, - am commited and motivated worked night shifts whilst at undergrad, and competed in competitive sports and social secretary of sports team all whilst doing course, - good(ish) grades. Like i say i find it very hard to write this bit, but know that it is exactly the course I want to do.

The criteria of motivation letter is as follows.

"Indicate reasons why you want to study in the WOP-P Programme. Which idea do you have of this master, and what do you expect from it? What are your professional or research projects? Why are you interested in our WOP-P Master’s Programme?"

The course is about work, organisational and personnel psychology

so here is my first draft below;


I am writing to you as I wish to apply for the WOP-P masters at the University of XXX starting in 2014, I have recently earned a 2.i honours BSc in psychology at the University of XXX and want to continue study occupational psychology at a higher level, I believe that my educational knowledge and great interest in the subject makes me an ideal candidate for this masters programme.

During my undergraduate degree, I completed modules in occupational psychology and in psychometric testing, which caused my interest in occupational psychology, I also have the belief that occupational psychology is one of the most important and practical applications of psychology. Since completing my undergraduate degree I have been reading journals and books related to work psychology to ensure that I have the best possible knowledge and up to date with the profession before starting the masters.

(Here I believe I would put positive aspects about myself)

I have chosen to apply for this masters as it will offer me an invaluable experience to gain knowledge of work psychology within the EU and with the mobility period also have a great understanding of cultural differences with regards to work psychology. Also due to the placements available within businesses and being studied over a 2 year period this course is very unique and offers a greater learning potential when compared to other courses. The University of XXX also has a large amount of internships available which will allow me to gain more practical skills, which is an essential factor to me. The University and course both have a very high reputation with great post masters prospects, high employment rates and eligibility to EFPA and Europsy which reinforce this as the right choice for me.

By completing this masters I would expect to further my knowledge of the 6 key areas of occupational psychology, both in terms of theoretical knowledge and by having the opportunities to work and study alongside businesses and consultancies to improve my practical skills. I would also expect to gain a comprehensive knowledge of cross cultural differences in occupational psychology during the mobility period and to further develop my statistical analysis, academic writing and presentation skills, in essence I would expect the masters to improve my theoretical and practical knowledge and academic skills to the extent whereby after completion of this course I will be ready to begin my career as an occupational psychologist.

Than you for considering my request, I look forward to hearing back from you

Yours Sincerely

Hello!! I'm glad to find people like you interested in the WOP-P master. I know your post is a long time ago, but I think it's great how you wrote your motivation letter. Currently I just finished the Psychology degree and, like you, I am sure that this is the master I want to do. Therefore, I was going to ask you if you could finally enter WOP-P? If so, how was the experience? And some tips for the process?

Thank you very much and take a psychological hug Emotion: smile