Pleas Help Me With Writing This Letter To a Distant Relative

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Me and two partners want to start a company that specializes in special occasion gift baskets for individual and corporate clients. We want to have a storefront in our local shopping mall, as well as a virtual storefront on the Internet. We each have $1000 to invest in this business, but we will need more start-up capital. One day I remember a I have a distant relative who might be willing to fund our gift basket business, so I have decided to write a letter to my relative, explaining what type of store we want to open and request the financing for the additional start-up costs of our store.

In my letter to my relative I would like to introduce my self, introduce why I am writing to the recipient , have a detailed description of the type of store we want to open, short and long term goals for the business, explanation of why Ineed gthe additional financing, how they will benefiet from my venture, and how I plan to reimburse him etc.

Please help me with this letter.
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We'll help but we don't write letters for people. You write you letter first (you are expressing yourself very well) and then we will help you tidy it up.
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Hi Carrie,
I would rather suggest you borrow money from your parents(easier comparing to a relative) or the bank(more formal), for the bank financing ,you need a completed business plan.
I dun really understand why you need to write such a detailed letter to your relative. Are you and your relative so remote in relationship, if so, i dun see there are any big differences between borrowing money from your relative and from the bank.
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