Hi. Can anyone comment on the paragraph below. I think there're some grammatical errors in the sentences..

"Pharmacy Anis at a glance is an example of a management that has sturdy marketing strategies. Every element of marketing strategies is well planned and implemented. This include the locations of their pharmacies, the prices of their products, the promotional activities that have been carried out and also the products that they offer. Even though the marketing strategies that had been implemented by the pharmacy management seem sufficient. The manager of the pharmacies said that there are many more in her mind."

This includes
The also seems superfluous.
The fourth sentence is incomplete and the past perfect seems unnecessary.
Many more
Hello MM,

Regarding the punctuation , in third sentence, a comma should be used before "and also". Am I correct?
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So, how should I correct the past perfect error? By the way, is it okay to start a sentence with "So"?
That were implemented-- but the sentence fragment does not yet make sense.

is it okay to start a sentence with "So"?
It is definitely unwise to do so.
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Yes, that's a good idea, Rishonly.