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The Sweet Desert,
I totally agree with you, and I'd add that, we should sometimes take a break, look around us, look into what we are about to do, the actions we're about to take, the words we're about to utter, because they all may be based on a...wrong judgement. I wish people were patients, and tolerant of each other.

By the way, besides Litterature, what other fields are you interrested in?
You're a saint adomi, really, your words remind me of those of my best friend. Well, I'm a reading addict and my eyes are getting weak. I read some English magazines like; woman's own and woman( depending on whether I can get them or not, they are rare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).I also read the English translation of the Holy Qura'n and some other religious books like the one called , Deep Thinking for Harun Yahya- published in the U.K.I'm also interested in reading about the differences between Christianity and Islam, I really love this field. Thank you for asking and pray tell me about the kind of books you read.Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
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The Sweet Desert,
When I was in my country, my mom took out a subscription to two French Magazine, called "Paris-Match", and "Femme-Actuelle". When she was through reading, I'll have a look at them, specially the "Paris-Match".
My favourite reading materials though are sports magazine(Le Onze), comics(specially Spider man) and Novels(specially detective novels: SAS, L'executeur, San Antonio...). My favourite writers are Agatha Christie, and Heinz G. Konsalik(Konsalik was not writting detective novels, though). I'm also a great fan of a magazine published by your country. They call it: DA'AWA. I happened to find interresting topics in it.
I've never read of Harun Yahya, or Ahmed Deedat, and I can't call myself a religious person, however, I have some of their works in Video format. They also are good. When I was younger, I read the bible, and now I try the Holy Qur'an. I must say its intrigues me.The Almighty himself is a mystery, isn't HE?
I assume by your origin that you are Muslim. I think It's a good thing to be interrested in knowing what other religions say about the almighty, how do they perceive HIM, what do their book say about human interactions , and man-to-LORD relationship.

That's me in reading.
I actually have many copies of Da'wa magazine( in Arabic). Sorry adomi, there's something I haven't told you about, actually I subscripe for a magazine published in America and it's called, Jumuah.It's very nice because it dicusses many religious, social and controvercial issues.adomi, according to my study of my holy book, I already memorized eight chapters, and my humble knowledge of the Bible, God is'nt a mystery. Concerning the God- man relation, Islam differs from Christianity; all Muslims can communicate directly to God while Christians need a priest to connect them to God, interesting difference, is'nt it?? According to my holy book, I can percieve the existance of the Almighty by looking around the vast Universe for example.adomi, will you please answer my questions, do you read the Bible very often now, and what are its effects on your soul, I'd be very happy to answer any of your questions about Qur'an. It has been so nice discussing this issue with you, THANKS.

JOKE.. I'm a bit jealous of you,why, you can speak French while I'm totally illiterate about it..Emotion: sad
Hi The Sweet Desert,

You should not be sorry at all. Reading is one of the noble ways to keep posted. Whatever the source or the magazine, as long as it brings you the moral satisfaction as well as the knowledge you are seeking, then it is worth the reading.

To get back to you question about my reading the bible, well, it's been over 15 years since I last read it, and no offence to the Christians(and no credit to muslims) it did not have any effect on my soul.

Questions About the Qur'an? Yes, perhaps one or two.

Let's start from the beginning:

1- Who wrote the Qur'an? Is it the one you guys refer to as ALLAH or the one you refer to as The messenger(saw)?

2- I read in one of the surat(maybe surat al- ma'idah, or something else), that, while in gathering with the apostles, Jesus(Issa alaihi salam) told the apostles that, there will be a prophet after him, yet there is no mention of that in the Bible. How do you explain that?

May I add another question?.....I knew you'd say:" yes of course". Then here we go. They say It (the Qur'an) has never been altered, si it true?

To be completely true with you, I like the style used in the Qor'an....I just can't explain it. And the language used there is no more practiced/used in many Arab countries(perhaps, except for Saudi Arabia).

You said you have memorized 8 chapters uh? So you are what they call "Hafiz"(sorry, I know there is a rule, but I do not know the English translation of Hafiz)

PS. I do not have anything against Muslims and their Qur'an, Christians and their Bible, Jews and their Thora.But if somebody feels offended with something I said here, then I'm sorry.

May I abridge your name in TSD?
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adomi, I'm so sorry for being so late, you know college started and my computer was about to dieEmotion: cryingEmotion: crying

15 years, wow, quite a long period, is'nt it?? I could never have done it myself.

1- Allah sent the angel Gabriel to recite His words to Prophet Mohammad. Allah doesn't need to record the Qura'n because He's the All-Knowing and He never forgets.So, Qura'n is the words of Allah but he never wrote it because He never forgets anything.
2- I'm afraid that the Bible is full of verses that refer to Prophet Mohammad.


' If you love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you forever'

Muslim theologians said:

' another Comforter' is Mohammad.

' abide forever' means the perpetuity of his Shari'ah and Qura'n which was revealed to him.
I know that memorizing the verses of the Qura'n is not easy but I really enjoy it, it refreshes both my memory and my soul.

Yes adomi, you can shorten my name the way you like. TSD, reminds me of medical names, I'm joking.Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile

adomi, believe me that the Qura'n was never ever changed, the old copies resemble the new ones and vice versa. Why, because Alllah promised the Muslima in the Qura'n that He would preserve it till the hereafter.
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You can take as much time as you want. Besides, your education comes first, and I do want to hamper it. By the way, what are you reading?
The Sweet Desert

' If you love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you forever'

Muslim theologians said:

' another Comforter' is Mohammad.

' abide forever' means the perpetuity of his Shari'ah and Qura'n which was revealed to him.

Are the Christian Scholars agree witht that ?
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