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Depressed is such an ugly word. I believe that true creative people are those who accept the fact that they would rather be alone with their thoughts and express it through writting or painting.
Well,....You can start by introducing yourself
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To all readers,

Actually, I don't want anybody to think that I'm very religious, yes I started talking about Macbeth and ended up talking about the Bible and the Qura'n, it just happened and I truly enjoy it: thanks to adomi.SO, if anyone of you has a comment, never hesitate to post it. All I wanted to say is that I truly believe in the importance of such holy books.Any contributions would be appreciated.Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
You don't think I memorized the Bible, do you??Emotion: big smile

Book: English Translation of The meanings and commentary of the Holy Qura'n.

Publisher: King Fahd Complex for The Printing of the Holy Qura'n.

PS. I got these verses from a commentary note written by Indian Islamic scholars who teach in the Islamic University of Saudi Arabia, they teach Islam for new Muslims and I think they are sure of what they wrote.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile

The Bible has many copies and I think that's why some verses may seem strange.I don't know if Christian scholars agree to this or not.
I have no objection in your memorizinf any of the holy books you want, as long as you are satisfied.
Religious matters have always been a source of conflicts between people of different beliefs, and when handled by laymen(such as me), it can cause more and more troubles.
Tell me though, what is your religion response to music, partying, and so on. Do you like music? If yes what kind?
How is the school going on?
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Hi adomi, concerning music,which I actually never listened to , in Islam it's a sin because we ( Muslims) must enjoy the tone of our holy book and make use of every moment in our lives. Many Muslims like music but I don't. When I hear my cousins singing, I laugh at the silly words they say, sorry . Besides ,it's a waste of time, I PREFER READING TO IT.When it comes to parties , which I really adore, they're allowed as long as they don't include anything harmful to people: wine, smoking...etc. If I wanted to make a party , only females are allowed so I can't invite my male cousins to my party, or maybe in a separate room, ha ha ha ...Emotion: big smile

To be honest, I didn't study anything during this first week because my classmates did'nt go to college, they made an agreement to be absent for the first week, pampered kids, yeah?!!!Emotion: embarrassed
A conflict, oh adomi please never think about that. I mean, we were just discussing and please never think that you made me upset or anything . It was just a cultural debate, I hope I didn't cause you any trouble, did I??Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
I'm glad to hear you are not upset, don't worry, I'm not neither, and I really enjoy this discussion.

I guess you prefer the "music" of Abdourahmane Sudais, Shuraim, Houzaifi and the others,uh?Anyway,I respect the position of your religion regarding Music, and the choices you made yourself.
I, too don't like it when there is wine at parties, and others..someone can get drunk and be out of control....but "a party without wine. cigarettes, women/men isn't a party" someone will tell you, but again I respect that position of your religion. I just don't understand why you can't invite you own male cousins to your party, unless they are in the next room. Why is it so? Besides, how are you going to party if music is regarded as a sin?

Well, that's a good start with the classes uh? Hope it won't keep on going that way.
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As for my music , you are right, what a smart reader!!!! Well, my adult male cousins can't see me because in Islam a man should'nt see a woman unless she was his niece, daughter, mom, grandma, his mother in law, his aunts, his step daughters, his daughter or sister by breast feeding( when his wife or mom fed a girl). You see it's a long story, ha ha ha. I feel that this way can guarantee the loyality between the couple, the wife can't have any intimate friend but her husband. If you want to marry a Saudi woman, go on because they are all like that, so loyal to their husbands, joking. In my country it's very familiar to find a fourty year old virgin, why, because we are not allowed to PLAY TOO MUCH at all. Actually I really am pruod of this.If all men can look at my body, then, what's the use of my beauty. Beauty must be protected till a girl marries and then she can show it to her husband.adomi , I'm really sorry for being late.
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