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The Sweet DesertAs for my music , you are right, what a smart reader!!!!
Thanks. That's my favourite genre too.
If you want to marry a Saudi woman, go on because they are all like that, so loyal to their husbands
Thanks for the information, but I really doubt that can ever happen, even if I wanted to. I heard Saoudis are way too conservatives. They do not allow interacial unions.
If all men can look at my body, then, what's the use of my beauty. Beauty must be protected till a girl marries and then she can show it to her husband
I know of people that would argue that TSD, but I think you got a point there.
I'm really sorry for being late.
Don't be at all. Your education first.

Tell me, how do you spend the month of Sha'aban?
well, I'll fast for two days , you know the ones I missed last Ramadan when I had the period. It's like a compensation for the days I didn't fast, I fasted for two days but I still have two days more. I know I'm late but life took me away for a while. Now I'm reading a book called , the privilige of youth, for the American writer ; Dave Pelzer. Besides I read my text books , you know like drama, English history, novel and essay writing. adomi, please read my post in the topic of the moment section, I need your help BADLY.Emotion: sadEmotion: sad
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I heard during that time(The period), women are not exempted from observing the fast, touching the Qor'an, or even saying their prayers. But they have to pay back what they've missed. Come on! TSD, you've missed 4 days, and it takes you o year to complete your fast? I can't blame you...I like foodEmotion: big smile and I think you guys are though.

Hey yesterday I went to the British coucil library, here in Dhaka(I'm a member). As I'm on vacation, I was looking for something to read. I don't know what led me to the "literature" shelve, but guess what? I ran into Macbeth. My first thoughts were for you. I opened it, and...sorry but I just couldn't borrow it. In high school we were studying some French literature, especialy Moliere, Racine, and many others. Believe me, I was never in class during those classes(I mean my body was, but my mind...no).

Let me have a look to you post then.
The Sweet Desertplease read my post in the topic of the moment section, I need your help BADLY.Emotion: sadEmotion: sad
I couldn't find the thread.I tried some keywords, but the search failed. Give me the post number, of your post so that I search it. I think It'd be easier for me to trace it.

Post numbers are written on top of each post. For example, my previous post bears the number 140130.

So tell me what was yours, on the thread :"I need your help BADLY"
I hope that I'm not interrupting your discussion, guys. I found it interesting, and actually, I have lots of questions myself to ask from a reasonable female from Saudi Arabia. I have one comment regarding what you said about the segration of men and women that will end up in women's loyalty. Manybe women remain loyal to your husband for what they think, and not because they do not see any other man or think about them in their life, that happens elsewhere. However, I believe that both unlimited freedom and restrictions can end up in disasters, or at least disloyalty. I do not think men in Saudi Arabia are as loyal as their wives! (NOt all of them, I mean the number of disloyal husbands are higher than unfaithful wives!) To me, even if Islam allows it, having more than one wife is unfaithfulness. And believe me, if my husband even thinks about another woman, our marriage will end! Come on, you cannot love2 people the same, unless they are your kids. And I cannot accept someone that claims that he loves me and then sleeps with another woman! Of course there are some situations than some find unavoidable, for examole, my parents were divorced when I was very young. Though my mother was very beautiful, no one would marry her, except for widowers and the ones who were already married to another woman. The community at that time also didn't accept a divorcee, or a widow to stay at her parents home, ... And all this resulted in my mother's marriage to a man who had a wife and kids. Though my stepfather tries hard to treat both women equally, but I can see that his first wife has more power, and his kids from his first wife have access to more financial support, ... But anyway, I mean that it is not possible to be fair, and Islam suggested if you can be fair you can take more than one wife. And the situation in my country has changed a lot as well, though the family of the boy do not like their sons to be married to a widow or divorcee. But still, it's much better. There is another point in bringing all of this discussion. The situation was much worse when Islam first was introduced in Saudi Arabia. Even Saudi Arabia, that many believe is the most strict country among the Muslims', is changing. So, there are things in Quran that was mentioned because of the situation at that time, and we have to accept some moderate changes according to our current society. There was areason why it is said in Quran that women inherit half of the men, or two female witnesses equal to one male's, or the blood money issue that actually makes me furious to even think about it that life of a woman values half of a man. But those backgrounds do not exist anymore, at least among most of the Muslims. So there is not right and fair to stick to those rules, God has given us wisdom to think about things. And God has given us the ability to choose, and making decisions. Why do you think that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from that apple tree or the wheat? If he didn't say so, they would never be aware of that forbidden fruit, and not aware of knowledge and choice. God wanted them to try it and descend to the Earth, out of His love. And that's why we are here, to find out our ways back to Him, otherwise, we would be equal as angels! And for that God didn't need to create another race.

Sorry that I jump from one thing to another, but I think they are related. And I do not mean any offence, these are just what I think. I think that everyone is free to reconsider things, or accept them as they are!

About Macbeth, I read a simplied version of it once, and I really liked it. I watched the Merchant of Venice recently, and it was good to, I recommend you watching it. I love Al Pacino's acting, he's one of the best. Enjoy your time wherever you are,

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I forgot to say guys that you can move your discussion about religion and culture to the cultural anecdotes or topic of the moment section, and reserve this thread for discussing Macbeth!
adomi, believe me , if you don't like literature then don't read it because everybody better reads what he likes most. Thus, you'd benefit from what's written on the pages. You're lucky for in Saudi Arabia there's no such library, I guess it's so great and full of interesting books. May I ask you about the books you borrowed, if you don't mind...Emotion: embarrassedEmotion: embarrassed
TSD,On second thoughts, I think I'll borrow Macbeth, after all has litterature ever killed anybody?

I think if there is a Bristish representation in Saudi, there may be a British Council Library. Check it again, and if there is not,... I'm sorry.

During class time, I usually borrow books related to my studies such as books on Database, Data modelling, Information systems. Management, and so on. Now I'm on vacation and last time I went over there, I borrowed 3 books(That's the max allowed) : "Communicartion for Engineering students" by John W.Davies, "Mentoring", by Gordon F Shea, and a detective novel, "Photo-Finnish", by Ngaio Marsh. It's the second book of hers that I read. The first was :"Final Curtain". I think she has a bit of Agatha Christie.(That's what I was looking for, in the first place).

By the way, LanguageLover suggested we move our non-Macbeth-related discussion to another forum, and I think she's right I can lear new things from a discussion on Macbeth and the others. She also recommended we watch : "The merchant of Venice"..I'll look it up....because of Al Pacino in the first place. No offense Languagelover.
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adomi, you've got a nice collection , so enjoy your reading. I think we didn't use this section, which is about books, wrongly,,,we discussed some side issues though , sorryy for that. But, I and you discussed the topic of Holy books , the Bible and the Qura'n are books after all, aren't they. Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile

........I think that our discussion would serve as a reminder to all people to read their Holy books.....
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