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I've just got back tonight, I'll write to you tomorrow. (I'm just sending this post to respect our newly joined friend LBTW, we are appreciating your participation on this topic, thanks.)
welcome LBTW , and thanks for your important question, I wish I can post but I can't 'cause this section is for books, Please can anyone move this thread to another section like topic of the moment, I appreciate your help..
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I just created a new thread, please view Islam and its mis/interpretations . Please continue your discussion, it is intersting.

It's my first time come to this forum. I found it's great!

Nice to meet you all!
Welcome to the Forums, Paul From China.

Please have a look around to see what thread or discussion suits your taste best, and you are welcome to particiate in any of them! Emotion: smile
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LanguageLver, TSD,

I went to the bristish council today, and I got the ....DVD version of McBeth. I'm going to watch it tonight, after my "taraweeh", and I presume you guys have entered the "Itikaf". So when the fasting's over we could talk about Mcbeth OK?