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Cool Breeze
ZeroxI hope [url=http://koti.mbnet.fi/pattaya1/bad_spyware_removal_programs1.htm]this[/url] is not the Terminator you're using.
I have no idea whether it's the same programme. That's irrelevant, though, because the one I'm using has been tested in numerous international computer magazines and has worked just fine for me for a long time. It may be the only one of its kind (a freebie) that offers automatic database updates. Nothing to worry about. The programme is good.

There may be several reasons for some people to criticise a product and the criticism may or may not be justified. Your link leads to a site that looks very unprofessional, for one thing. The internet is replete with unreliable information because anyone can post whatever they want there.

Yes, it might be a different program with the same name. As it is, there are 2 programmes with that name and the other one has been removed from the list. But trust me that site is authoritative, although the appearance of the site is what it is. The person who has tested those programs knows what he is talking about. He's not an occasional amateur such as IEmotion: smile
Jackson6612Hi Kooyeen,

What version of Longaman Dictionary of Contemporary English are you using? I'm using, I believe, 2003 version and the definition for patch is:


a small computer program that is added to software to solve problems

I believe you are using some later version.
Why do you think so? I gave the exact same definition. Emotion: wink BTW, I use the online version.
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After all the discussion in this thread I downloaded Kaspersky Internet Security as my first antivirus software. In the beginning it worked perfectly and gave my computer new fresh life. But after almost two and half months my computer started to run slowly and I knew there were viruses and malware in my computer now. Then, I unistalled it and downloaded ESET Internet Security, another big name in antivirus softwares world. ESET detected more than two hundreds viruses etc. Now my computer was again in full form. Again, after using ESET for almost three months the computer was running drastically slow. Now it was the turn of Panda Internet Security. Panda did somewhat a bad since I started using it. It did detect many viruses but there were some viruses which it didn't because windows were popping out automatically. I uninstalled it after using for five days. Now here comes the Trend Micro Internet Security. It detected almost 120 viruses and at the moment my computer is running very smoothly.

I used registered versions of all the softwares, that is I was updating their databases regularly. But what is the problem with all these antivirus softwares? Why do they become lazy just after two or three months? Does this happen to you too? What should I do? How many more softwares would I still have to use? I'm afraid soon I will run out the stock of antivirus softwares.
How many viruses does your computer have, Jackson? Emotion: rolleyes

Can I ask what registered versions of softwares mean?
PuccaHow many viruses does your computer have, Jackson?

Can I ask what registered versions of softwares mean?

Too many!

Means I was using a proper password/key to update the virus dictionary regularly.
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I don't know anything about antiviruses but once Kooyeen gave me an antivirus comparatives page and Aviva seemed to be the most "efficient"..

It's Smadav in my country. I don't know whether it's available internationally, though.