Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is ........... and with this letter I would like to introduce my candidature for the study of Biotechnology, focusing in fermentation technology at any university in France. I was graduated Master of Science Degree. My study programe was design for dual master degree. Therefore, I had opportunity to pursue my study both in Thailand (Biotechnology from the school of Biotechnology at the suranaree university) and in France (Microbiology from the Institut national des sciences appliqués de Toulouse (INSA). During my study, I was tremendously interested in research relating to fermentation process. Hence, I decided to undertake research on the production of probiotic as my dissertation master thesis. I did my entire thesis in the research and development division of Lallemand industry, Blagnac-Toulouse, France. During my thesis work, I showed my abilities of fast learning, good adaptability to stressful conditions and in finding quick and reliable solutions to a large variety of problems. I also proved my capability to study in a foreign language as, although I am a native Thai speaker, I did all my studies in English. However, during my thesis research, I specify to learn most in the process of probiotic production in lab scale but less in large scale like a pilot or in the plant scale. Thus, I would like to study more in fermentation-scaling up process for bacteria production, not only probiotic but also for the other microorganism which used to produce cheese or the other which applied in wine production. Therefore, I decided to pursue doctoral degree in France which is the fame country in production of probiotic, cheese and wine. Also, I am open-minded and interested more France language and cultures. Moreover, because of the beautiful country France is, make me want to go back there again.

I hope to combine my experience and knowledge with my interest in advance fermentation technology through gaining a degree in more advance fermentation knowledge and eventually to be able to come back to work as a lecturer in Thailand’s university. With this career, I can teach and advise Thai people or Thai investor who is interested in probiotic production industry as a pioneer. Moreover, I could be helped Thai people to improving their wine or cheese fermentation knowledge. Furthermore, I can make the connection with French researcher/organization in term of education or economical collaboration in the future. Also, if I have opportunity to work aboard, I prefer to work as the plant technician in probiotic, cheese or wine-producing company somewhere in Europe or America. In this particular, I hope that I could be improved my experience. Finally I can come back to work in Thailand confidence.

I enclose my CV for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further details.

Yours faithfully
Hi Ben,

You certainly have lots of accomplishments. Your letter, however, is a little congested with a lot of information packed into two long paragraphs.

Have a look at this sample letter to see if you gives you some other ideas. While not copying this sample letter, see if you can borrow some of its structure to improve your own. Post your next iteration, and myself and others will comment.

Sample letter: