Could you please help me correct these sentences and tell me whether these sentences are correct?

- Is there a time limit to when we can do the laundry. After 11 pm we're no longer allowed to. I'm not sure
- You don't see the time pass by when you are having fun. I think it's ok
- She knows nothing about nothing. OK
- I'm not falling asleep/I can't fall asleep. BOTH OK
- There were 3 bin one next to the other/side by side. BOTH
- I don't like drinking after people from the same bottle. I don't know if you can say this in english.
- Buying a new TV will last us longer than going on vacation. Sounds off

Thank you
She doesn't know anything about anything.

There were three bins next to each other

I don't like drinking from the same bottle others drink from

If we buy a TV it will last longer than a vacation we might go on [the way you have it worded = the act of buying a TV will last longer than the vacation.]
Can someone please help me correct these sentences please?

Thank you
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