Hello everybody,

I need help with motivation letter for scholarschip for 2 days conference in Italy. If I won´t get it, I would not be allowed to go there, because our lab hasn´t got money for travelling. Could you please check it if it make sense and also if grammar is correct? I am not much experienced in English:-(( I have to send it til the end of this week. Thank you so so much in advanceEmotion: smile

Dear Mrs. XXX,

I would like to apply for scholarship in the opportunity of the First ESH Euroconference On Tumor Banks And Downstream Applications, March 10- Florence. It is important for me to incorporate an international experience into my doctoral study.

I am now in the second year of my study and I am working on my doctoral thesis in Center of Oncocytogenetics in Prague. My work is based on molecular-cytogenetic methods i.e. to be specific I analyse the presence of bladder cancer cells in urine samples using centromeric and locus-specific probes for I-FISH, isolate DNA from brain and analyse chromosomal abberations using CGH method. The routine work in our lab consist of analyses of chromosomal aberrations in oncohematological samples. I have already presented results of my work at few conferences in the Czech republic, but I have never visited any conference abroad.

I think this event would broaden my scientific experience, it would give me the opportunity to meet researchers from other countries, discuss problems and new approaches to my work.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely Lucie Houskova
I think you posted this twice. I already answered. Clive
Hi Clive,

I am sorry. I had difficulties with sending it. I am new here. Thanks for your notice and help. Have a nice day. Lucie