Everything is changing
Except for you.
And I’m so impatient
To learn something new
From your eyes,
From your smiles,
From your mood,
Please, be good…
Or remain as you are –
Never change.
And I will be humble and silent,
And estranged…

And one more little piece:

Scents, signs, sounds,
That’s all you can share with me.
That’s all I can keep inside -
Scent, sound, sign…

The meaning may seem a bit vague,
but these are the feelings I felt at the moment I was writing it...

With love, Fair Lady
A Good poem for a first timer... Good! Keep it up fair lady.
I appreciate your attention, thanks. English is not my mother language, so I'm very interested in your opinion

PS By the way how d'you insert those emoticons? Could'n manage that... (
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Hello Fair Lady

When you reply to a post, you should see a row of 3 emoticons above the reply box, with Emoticons next to it. Click on the link, and you'll find the emoticons.

You have to make sure you put a space on each side of the code for each emoticon, though!

I'm interested (by the way) in why you would be 'estranged', in the last line of your first poem.

Thanks, MrPedantic.
Finally I found the way to make my messages full of emotions with the help of emoticonsEmotion: smile

And why "estranged"? What I meant is "I wont' be loving you so passionately any more" Is the meaning of this word perceived differently? I know about two senses - "living separately" or "being hostile", is there anything else? If the meaning is different from what I meant - I shall try to find another word to express it....
And you're welcome to ask any further questions, if you have some, I'd be glad to answer them (though, I suppose, the pieces are too short to arouse questionsEmotion: smile )
Sorry, I had misunderstood!

So: if he doesn't change, she will be estranged?

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Exactly! But it depends... May be, if they are husband and wife, the wife will move to another place, if the husband does not give up his bad habits like smoking in the kitchen and leaving his things all around the flat Emotion: smile