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Please help. I am asked to write a letter of consideration to have my organization join a council. This is my first time writing and i dont know where to go from here.

September 17, 2017

To Whom This May Concern

My name is M , and I am currently the president of DLC. I am writing this letter wishing you to grant him special consideration for Delta Lambda Chi to be apart of IGC. Currently we are in USFC, but lately the council has not been beneficial to my organization.

Thank you for your time!


Molina Ung

Hi, Please assist me how to make a consideration letter. I'am a 4rt year undergraduate student from my previous schl. Im requesting now for my transcript of records. Actually, I already have the copy of my transcript which i requested it before for my application purposes..But i need to make a request again for my Educational Assestment here.But the problem is my former schl emailed me and telling me they cannot considerd me as a 4rt year college level but instead as a 2nd year college only for the reason of not complying before for schl policy..But i already submitted my educational information to the institution which im applying now..they will discontinue my application if they will find any conflict information..But whatever the info stated on my transcrip which is untill 4rt year college which i completed actually, is the same information i submitted already. Im just only requesting for my trranscript of records to be submitted from school to school..But to my surprise my former school told me they will consider me as a second year college only..They told me to make a reconsideration letter for this matter..Please help me, nor assist me how to make a consideration letter. This is so much important to me, this application of mine, includes also the futurw of my 3 children that's why i need this consiferation letrer of mine ferfecrly. and sorry for making my letter of request to long.. Thank you very much, and Godless!

Very truly yours,


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