Hi all...i would like to ask your help to give me correction about this letter. I will give a brief explanation first.

So, my professor asked me to write a letter to an english teacher here in our university. He asked me to told this english teacher for giving a special consideration for his two students who never attended his class, but they need to pass the class because now they're already in their last semester (graduating students). Those students, live in another city and also work, so they're very busy and didn't have time to attended classes. Actually I don't like to write this letter, but what can I do...it's my professor order.
So please help me to make a good letter:

Dear Professor........,

Good day!

My name is youleea, and I am currently a graduate student here at , majoring DEF.

I understand that these two students, Mr. A and Mr. B are enrolled in your English class.

On behalf of my Professor, I would like to request that you please give them special consideration because they are graduating students. I know that they have not been attending you classes very often because they have been very busy and also working in their company as well.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration

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Umm... I guess you shold start like that:

Dear Professor...,

I am writing to ask you for giving a special consideration for students A and B who never attended your class... blah blah blah...

and in the end may be like that:

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

then come your name and surname, smth like that) I don't know whether it's wright or not but at school I was taught to write official letters in such way.
Hi..can i ask a little help from u guys...i really don't know how to start my letter about requesting a certain organization to consider a consultant base security officer rather than apponting a full-time one....

Thank you..

Very truly yours,

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Hi Jam,

Start your letter with "Dear (name of person you are writing to);"
Then write what you would ask this person if you were talking to them.
Good Day!
Please help me, I am planning to write a letter for our client asking for consideration for payment.Our status is such as this;our client asking labor clearance but the said clearance is not yet released from DOLE Office because still on process.
I am asking from them to pay our services but they required from us to present with them the said clearance.
What should i do?would you please write a letter for me?

Thank you,
Dear anon;

We can't write letters from scratch for you because we do not know your or your circumstances. I have never heard of DOLE or what they do.
However, if you write a draft of your letter, we will make suggestions to improve its grammar.
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Can someone Please help me as I know the type of letter I need?
AnonymousCan someone Please help me as I know the type of letter I need?
Yes, we will help you write a letter if you make a draft and post it. We just can't start from scratch.

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