"Please find the attached documents for you to have a look."

I think there is another way of saying "for you to have a look". It sounds strange.

Say "for your review."

Or "for your review and approval" if that's the case.
... or if you aren't expecting or wanting any feedback from them, you can say "for your reference".
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Dear Mustafa,
I have attached Fire Alarm System quotation.

Please be aware of that;
• Quantities in this quotation are not final they can be changed after examining site in detail.
• This quotation is not including system cabling cost.
• This is a budgetary quotation. It is prepared only to give an idea about a sample system cost.

To prepare a complete and proper proposal for this project we need more information and more detail from site.

If customer supplies all expenses we offer you send our engineers to site to investigate and collect all information.

Then we can prepare fire alarm system and system cabling final price.
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I would suggest "for your perusal"

'For your perusal' is not an expression I read much in N. America.