Hi everyone,
I am applying for admission to the Fashion Merchandising Management Program at Fashion Institute of Technology and need help with my essay.
Would someone please give me suggestions? I've been reading some of the essays posted here and already gathered some ideas. You will certainly recognize them

SUNY autobiographical essay:

Flavia Aparecida Lima

Fashion Institute Technology

Admissions Essay

September 15, 2008

I am Flavia Lima from Brazil and I am applying for admission to the Fashion Merchandising Management Program at Fashion Institute of Technology. Despite the fact that Import/Export Business is my main experience, Fashion has been part of my life since I was a child and I have always dreamed of working in this industry. I am confident that now is the time to combine the two of them, and I envision FIT would be a pivotal part of my fashion learning and experience that would enable me to become a great professional. FIT, besides being a recognized institution, it gathers all what I need for my studies. The degrees at American universities are well recognized and accepted around the world, especially in Brazil where I plan to return after graduation. Other advantages of attending FIT are that I am closer to my friends who work in Boston, and my family is more easily able to visit me here.

I am a hard-working and goal-oriented person and have set a few important goals for my new career. To attend a prestigious school like FIT – it will provide me with the necessary knowledge and experience. To get an internship with a recognized fashion designer or company, such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, J. Crew, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus – it will improve further merchandising knowledge which would lead me to a great job. I would consider working wherever the great possibilities are.


My strengths include my ability to work in projects, creativity, intelligence, organization, ambition, attentiveness, good manners, and a positive outlook on life.
My present weakness is that I lack merchandising skills. I look forward to bolstering this skill at FIT. I will strive to surpass any expectations and contribute greatly to this Institute and the Fashion industry.


I am graduated with a degree in Business Administration and International Trade (Do I need to go further? If so, what could I say about it? Should I mention my curriculum?)

All of my working experiences were related to Import and Export. I have worked mainly for engineering companies where I could put in practice everything I learned in college. My previous job at a Bonded Warehouse I could experience a new prospective of the Import/Export transactions. As a Customer Service Supervisor, I supervised three departments which were Billing, Collecting and After Sales. At the same company I took part in a VMI project (Vendor Managed Inventory) which enabled me to develop my negotiation, analytical and strategy skills. Working on this project, I negotiated with people from diverse part of the world such as the United States, Germany, India, the Netherlands, China, Mexico and it enriched me with logistics and culture knowledge.

In my free time, I love traveling, going to the beach, shopping, going out with friends, playing with my dog, reading and doing research on the internet. Art gallery is an enjoyable place where I can spend endless hours.

Fashion Merchandising is the right vocation for me to pursue because I appreciate the fact that the business is constantly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities. Being able to get marketing message out to the customers, helping to marry the design vision with the financial goals, seeing an idea go from concept to actually fitting the retail stores and seeing it sell are among the abilities I want to improve by attending FIT.

Besides the fact that people constantly give me compliments on how I put my outfits together and turn to me when they are not certain what to wear, I believe it is very important to develop creative talent through disciplined study to direct that talent into a successful career.

I trust that you will find the information contained in my application to be satisfactory. I look forward to your acceptance and to continuing on my interesting journey where I continue to learn, develop, and grow. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Hi! I am also working on my essay and I think that yours is going pretty well, the only suggestion I have is that I dont think you should mention your curriculum, you have to write about yourself and your personality...etc more than your background. But as I said, it looks pretty good.
I have something to ask you too; u see Im from Mexico and I was also asked for my SUNY essay, but i dont know if you have to send your essay to them or to FIT only, or both... What did you do? I would really appreciate if you could explain that to me in detail beacuse I really really want to get accepted there.
Hope to hear from you as soon as possible!!
Thank you,
Hola Yenia! Como estas?
Thanks for the compliments on my essay... since I posted it here, I have changed a few things and did not mention my curriculum.

I'm sending mine only to FIT.
This is from the website: IMPORTANT: FIT Admissions will not process your application until after the Academic History and Essay form has been submitted.

The essay form is only available at fitnyc.edu.

Have you received the Student Information Number and PIN from FIT? When and what are you applying for? Spring 2009?

Hopefully we will see each other in class hahaha Well, after my TOEFL test I'm not counting on this... I'll probably have to apply again.
Let's see, right?

Good luck to both of us!!! Yeeiieee!!!
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Hi Flavia!! It was so nice to hear from you and that you replied so soon! Thank you for your help I really appreciate it!

I will send my essay to FIT and hope to get accepted! I'm sure you are going to do well on your TOEFL score, as I can tell your english is doing more than fine! I'm having my test on saturday and I'm hoping I will do good. I already recieved my PIN and my Student Information Number and I must say I was soooo thrilled when I got it...and yeah for Spring 2009 so don't worry we WILL see each other haha

So, again thank you for your reply and good luck!!

Hope to see you soon!
hahahaha Wasnt it a great day??? I was quite happy as well when I got the mail from SUNY. I felt like I was already a member at FIT.

Yeah, well, let's see what happens with my score. I had 2 weeks to prepare myself for the test. I decided to pursue an international degree only 1 and 1/2 month ago.
So, if I dont get in, I will persist hahaha

Wish you best of luck on Saturday and I am sure you will do great.
Hi there:

This is a useful forum - thanks!  I haven't received my FIT log-in yet; I applied to SUNY about a month ago.  How long did it take you both to get your FIT log-ins?

Also, when you talk about the Autobiographical Essay, are you referring to the form that appears after the SUNY application - a PDF?  Or a different FIT-specific essay?  Or are these one and the same...?

Thanks so much, and good luck,

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Hey Flavia! Feliz Ano Novo!

...bad news-- I didnt get in...what about u?
I just want to check if i did everything that was required and if i sent everything that was required also, so if u can tell me step by step what did u do to get in to FIT i would appreciate it a lot!! I will apply for the fall term and hopefully get in this time,I wont give up!! haha

thanks a lot and hope to hearfrom u soon!
Hi Flavia. I too am applyin to FIT for bachelors. I really like how you went about your essay..i am still in a fix on what to write in mine!

i am just starting to write my essay too and i am way too confused about it. i dont know where to start from. although i think i am already very late for the fall session but since i have got my student id no, i am a lil positive too. how do you go about it? i heard it should be simple english? is it so?

also, is it true they dont process your application form without ielts or toefl score? coz i just booked my date for the exam and i wont get the result anytime before 3 weeks.

any help on the above would be great!
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