Thank you in advance for your help.

I have been driving around the City to gather information on vacant properties and available lands. What is the procedure I need to do to get reimbursed on my gas? At first, I thought I could handle it but driving around and getting information has eaten up my gas a lot.
I have recently been doing a lot of driving for City business, using my own vehicle. What is the procedure for getting reimbursed for mileage?

Nancy, it seems you often include information that is not necessary for the final product, although it is helpful for us to understand the context. I hope you do not mind that my suggestions often leave out a lot of the information you initially provide.
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Hi Grammar Geek.

I really appreciate your help. Your suggestion is very valuable to me. Matter of fact, that it is one of my English problems. I always feel like I leave out some important imformation if I don't write a prolix sentence or paragraph.

Again, thank you very much for your help.
Hi Nancy,

I don't think it is a problem with your English, but it is a problem with writers, no matter what lanugage they speak. It's helpful to think:

1) who is receiving this? (this will help you set the tone, as well as know what this audience already knows so you don't have to repeat things)

2) what do I want them to do with this information?

3) have I given them the information needed for #2, without giving them extra information that gets in the way?

In your reimbursement request, for example, you do need to say that it's for mileage. The city might have a different reimbursement procedure if you have purchased something for the city and have a receipt and need to be paid back, for example. But they don't need to know what you were doing (other than that it was authorized city business) and they don't need to know that you were planning on payingn for it yourself.

It's helpful sometimes to write it all out the first time, and then go back and say "extra information?" and if so, take it out.

I think you're doing very well!
Thank you very much Grammar Geek. I'll keep your suggestions in mind when I write.

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