Hi, all
I'm getting started as a translator for iPhone applications, and I would like you to help me brush up an email to one my potential clients.

In a part of the contact email, which I send to prospects, I write:
"Aftercare service is also available for orders of 5 words or greater as updating of iPhone applications is quite common."

And I got this response:
"What about updates and more than 5 words? Our apps change constantly and we would likely change hundreds of words. Do you have any special deals or thoughts on how we can handle that?"

And this'll be my response, which I need you to brush up. (I'd like to sound convincing)
"One of the advantages for you dealing with a freelancer is, I believe, the flexibility. As I said I even take very small orders as after service. And I will do my best to handle your situation as well.

Any suggestions are also welcome.

Thank you in advance,

It sounds to me like they are really asking if you can handle very large volumes of words.

It also sounds to me like they are wondering if you can offer a big discount for such high volume. Emotion: wink

You don't really seem to me to have answered these questions.

Thank you for your reply.
I kinda knew that he was asking me a discount...
I wanted to avoid the money-talk...

thanks anyway. I'll write what I have to write. It seems inevitable..