Should I use at or on before a phone number?
If the phone number is considered something like an address, it seems that we should use at. If the phone number is equivalent to "the phone" or "the line", on would be more appropriate.
Which one is better?
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I always use at.
Thanks Jim. How about the following?

1. Please call me at/on this number 5678-1234.
2. Please call me at/on extension 1234.
3. Please call me at/on my direct line 5678-1234.
4. Please call me at/on my mobile 5678-1234.
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It's on the device -- at the number.
at this number -- 12345567671
on my direct line at 12345567671
on my mobile at 12345567671

on extension 1234

Thank you very much again. It is very clear to me now. However, I can't resist to ask why it is "on extension 1234". I know we don't always have answers on the use of prepositions, but extension 1234 is just another form of phone number. Why isn't it at?
CalifJim I always use at.CJ

So do I. I often hear "on", but I have no idea where that usage comes from.
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ok, thanks
It's a US versus British thing. Americans say "at", Brits say "on."

So you choose: Call me at 123-4567 or Call me on 123-4567.

Hope you get the calls you want!!

I am American so I say at, but I go to school in Germany where they learn British English so I often don't know what I should use!!
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