Hi there,

I'm hoping someone here can help me settle an argument. Is the following sentence grammatically correct?

"John, you're a worst speller than David."

Please please can someone get back to me and let me know why it is correct or why it is not correct. This is driving us nuts.

Many thanks in advance.

Anyone? [:^)] Emotion: sad
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I think it should be "you are a worse speller than David" "as a speller you're worse than David"
Hi simichida

"You are a worse speller than David" I feel some oddness in this sentence. I'd say rather "You are a speller worse than David." But I'm not sure because I'm merely an English learner. I'd like to hear opinions about this from native speakers.

I think it must be " John , you are a worse speller than David "
because here we compare between two persons john and david so we have to say worse not worst .

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The series of adjectives you want is: bad, worse, worst
This parallels: good, better, best

John is a good speller.
John is a bad speller.

John is a better speller than David.
John is a worse speller than David.

John is the best speller in the class.
John is the worst speller in the class.

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