Solving environment problems should be the responsibility of an international organization rather than each national government. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, there is a question of who have to take action on environment problems, a large corporations or each national authority. While international organizations are claimed to be accountable for environmental degradation , I completely disagree with the view that government of each country plays a less important role in alleviating these issues.

The argument in favor of this opinion would that problems such as global warming and greenhouse effect could only be solved large corporations. On the contrary, I argue this is a short-sighted view. Each authority is of the paramount importance to citizens and could legislate on environment issues. With the aid of these laws, governments can impose close censorship on people’s behaviors. For example, the residents in Singapore will face strict punishments if they litter, which makes Singapore one of the most unpolluted countries in the world.

Apart from the above argument, I believe that the authorities should invest money in for education and green movement. Governments should bring environment problems to the core curriculum and educational institutions have responsibility for educating children how to protect their surroundings. Moreover, renewable energy such as wind and solar power could be encouraged by all authorities to impose restrictions on use of fossil fuel. For instance, in numerous developed countries, subsidies are allocated for companies providing solar panels for the buildings.

In conclusion, important though international organizations are, I believe that the government of every nation plays an integral part in fighting environment issues by introducing strict laws on environment and other policies.

Solving environmental problems should be the responsibility of an international organization rather than each national individual governments. Do you agree or disagree?


Your essay is quite incoherent. That means it is difficult to follow the points you make. You need to express your ideas in a clear and direct manner. Do not unnecessarily complicate your sentences. Focus on the ideas rather than trying to impress the reader with "complex" phrasing.

Let’s start with the introduction. Write:

- One sentence to introduce the topic (environmental problems) to the reader.

- One or two sentences to give some background (extra information) on the topic.

- One sentence outlining the issue (some think X, whereas others believe Y) to the reader.

- One clear and concise sentence indicating your position (which side you agree with).

Redo the introduction and post it below. Do not write the body paragraphs or conclusion for now.