Possible teacher roles in the modern ELT classroom. Choose a role from the box to match each teacher activity in the chart below it.

1) Answers students’ questions on what the dictionary abbreviations mean. 2) Helps a young learner when they fall. 3) Makes sure all the students are participating in the class. 4) Organises the classroom, gives instructions, makes sure students know the rules of the school and class. 5) Prepares and thinks through the lesson before teaching so that it has clear aims and a variety of activities. 6) Presents new language to the students, ensuring they are clear as to meaning and form. 7) Recognises the cause of learners’ difficulties. 8) Shows sympathy when a student has been robbed. 9) While students check in pairs after a listening, the teacher goes round to see how much information they have got.

1) involver 2) diagnostician 3 )manager 4)friend 5)parent 6)informer 7)resource 8)monitor 9) planner

Am I right ?

1. resource2. parent3. monitor4. involver 5. planner6.informer7. diagnostician8. friend9. manager

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