Now look at the following outline lesson plan. Identify the most appropriate interaction pattern for each stage. Choose from:

i) T→ SS

ii) T↔SS

iii) S↔S

iv) S↔S

↕ ↕


v) S

The aim of the lesson is to give practice in reading skills. The text is an authentic magazine article about a holiday that had some problems.

Stage/Stage aim




Lead in

To get students thinking about the topic

The teacher shows students pictures of his own holiday and asks pairs to talk to each other about a holiday or trip they have been on at some time

5 mins


There is then feedback to the class

5 mins


Pre-teach lexis

To avoid vocabulary distractions in the text

The teacher tells the SS they are going to read about a holiday and elicits and drills five words essential to the understanding of the text, then provides a board record

10 mins


Reading for gist

To familiarise students with the text generally



The teacher sticks cards on the board




The students read the article quickly to see which topics were a problem on the holiday and which were fine.

3 mins


Feedback to the class

2 mins


Reading for detail

To encourage detailed comprehension

Students answer 10 detailed comprehension questions based on the article

10 mins


Students check answers with a partner

5 mins


Feedback to the class

10 mins


Follow on

To enable Ss to interact with the ideas in the text and to have speaking practice

Students decide what mistakes the man made, what mistakes the travel company made and what should have happened instead

15 mins


Am I right ?

1a iii

b i

3c i
4d v

e i

6f iv
7g iii

h i

9i iv

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