Dear Ms. Kwan,
Thank you very much for sending your sketches. Our design team felt that your main cartoon characters would be compatible with our marketing approach. In particular, the character of the witty skunk as the intelligent partner of the teenage superhero was immensely appealing. We think we can use the concept of their partnership in the advertising campaign for our new line of athletic shoes.

We would like to meet you as soon as possible to see if we can set something in motion for the coming fiscal year. We think we could incorporate the skunk as a symbol of independence. His personality is very charismatic and we could pitch him as the visual image associate with the product line. In our assessment, the friendship between the skunk and the teenager is an incredibly powerful image that will appeal to the adolescent and pre-teen markets. The skunk’s humorous attitude is a great complement to the teenage hero’s seriousness.

I would appreciate it if you could come to London this month and stay for two or three days. Would that be feasible? Our design team can meet with you either Thursday and Friday, the fourteenth and fifteenth, or Monday and Tuesday, the eighteenth and nineteenth. We would of course, cover all your expenses and pay your stated consulting fee. Your accommodation would be at Hotel Excelsior, which is a pleasant jaunt from our headquarters.

Please let me know whether you will be able to join us on the dates I have proposed. We are very enthusiastic about our innovative line and are delighted to be working with you.

1. Mr. Petrakis wants Ms. Kwan to ______.
A. Create two new cartoon characters for marketing.
B. Fly to London in order to work at the Excelsior Hotel.
C. Fly to London to meet Olympic Attire’s design team.
D. Move to London in order to work for Olympic Attire.
My answer: C

2. In this letter, the word partnership means a _________.
A. legal marriage pact.
B. financial agreement
C. legal arrangement
D. stable relationship
My answer: D
qnengI have some doubt on about the 2nd answer. I think C is right. Please clarify and confirm
No, that's incorrect. D is the right answer. See below.

the witty skunk as the intelligent partner of the teenage superhero
Both answers are correct.
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I have a doubt on the 2nd answer, I think C is right? Please clarify and confirm
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