Dear Ms. Limman:

Thank you for your credit application. Credit Corporation International will be happy to establish a credit account for your company, L.M. Consolidated. We look forward to the beginning of a long relationship between our two companies.

We trust that you are now familiar with the basic introductory information you have received. Please see the additional enclosed information, which discusses the many services we offer. We believe you will find the 24-hour telephone and online assistance very beneficial. These are helpful services for someone like you who frequently travels internationally and needs to get information . You will be able to look at your credit information any time, day or night.

On the fifteenth of each month, we will send you a list of everything you bought through the last day of the month before. Any of these purchases will be discounted an additional 10 percent if you pay for them within 30 days from the date you receive the list.

Again, let me welcome you as a new customer. If you have any further questions, please contact me at any time. If I am not in the office for some reason, my assistant, Mr. Kautner, will be happy to help you.

Account Representative

Why did Ms. Jaimez write this letter?
A) to encourage Ms. Limman to apply for a credit account
B) to get basic information about the credit company
C) to offer Ms. Limman a new computer and a new telephone discount
D) to inform Ms. Limman that L.M. Consolidated has been accepted for a credit account
i answer D
You answered correctly.
thank you ^ ^