Are you feeling worried? Anxious? Even overwhelmed? Are you concerned that you may be laid off? What if the rumors about a takeover are true?

Well your worries may be justified. Statistics show that even well-trained, senior workers can’t count on guaranteed employment these days. The corporate world is volatile- even cut-throat. Downsizing is rampant. Says Mitch Jones, head of Future Alternatives, inc., “Workforces everywhere are being reduced. Even skilled employees run the risk of losing their jobs, and possible their careers, if they are not flexible.”

Could this happen to you? If you are over 30, you are a prime target for being laid off. If you haven’t been keeping your skills current, you also could be in serious danger.

1. According to this article, employees should  _____________.
A. be cut-throat on the job.
B. be flexible in job choices.
C. cash their paychecks.
D. pursue one career option
My answer : B

2. In this article, the word this refers to ________ .
A. not being flexible at work
B. Workers losing their jobs
C. Continued Employment
D. getting a good education.

My answer : A
#1. Right.
#2. No. The answer is B.
Many Thanks!