before writing the following sentence I think I erased it 2-3 times and in the end I hope having chosen the right one


Please check:

1. attempt - erased

"In case there will be any doubts, we would get back" I did not choose it because I did not feel the future tense to be the best solution here.

2. attempt - erased

"In case there were any doubts, we would get back" I used the "were" to create a subjunctive tense (in italian I would use it!! or present tense is possible as well)

3. attempt - chosen

"In case there are any doubts, we shall get back" I used the present tense, which is possible in Italian as well and maybe it is the simplest solution. About the "shall" I have some doubts, I was tempted to say "will"but in the end I chose "shall" .Did I do right?

Please can someone check each attempt mentioned? It is for me very important!!


If we have any doubts, we will get back to you. -- 'Get back' needs a predicate.
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thanks for your reply, although I did not understand why you removed the "in case...."ans use only "if".

Is it the only one possibiliy what you have suggested?


'In case' is stilted: use a simple 'if'.
Dear Mister Micawber,

thank you so much. It is clear now.


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