Hi, i will apply for a graduate(master) programme in a European country. Can you check my cv for mistakes and advices ?

xxx xxxxxxx

No:xxx,xxx, xxxx street, Xxx, Xxxx

Mobile Phone: +012345678 E-Mail: Email Removed


B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, September 2008 – Expected June 2012

xxx University, City, Country

Specialization Field: xxxx GPA: 3.12 out of 4.00

Honor List, Fall, 2010-2011; Spring, 2009-2010; Spring 2008-2009

High School Diploma, September 2004 - June 2008

xxxx High School

Branch: xxxx

Work Experience

Research and Development Intern, June 2011 – September 2011

R&D Fluid Dynamics Department, xxx Inc., City, Country

Designed cooker. Constructed and tested prototypes to analyze efficiencies of the cookers. Regulated and upgraded internal hot air flow and combustion gases of the cookers. Events resulted in two different patent application.

Research and Development Intern, June 2010 – July 2010

Engine Development Department, xxx Co., City, Country

Analyzed engine mapping, power curve, emission tests and measurement systems. Participated in calibrations of measurement and emission devices. Investigated and evulated price/performance ratios of different companies; attended and reported on department meetings.

Workshop Intern, May 2009 – June 2009

Student Internship Workshop, xxxx, City, Country

Worked with a team of 5 peers to perform manufacturing processes; machining, welding, casting.

Specialized Skills

Computer Skills and Competences:
  • Proficient in Microsoft OfficeTools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express);
  • Good command of engineering softwares (AutoCAD, CATIA, SolidWorks, MATLAB, Mathcad, ABAQUS/CAE, ANSYS, Fluent, Gambit);
  • Basic knowledge of programming (C, C++);
  • xxx1 (Native)
  • xxx2 (C2) (Toefl IBT: 112)
  • xxx3 (A2)
xxxx Institution Y Level completed with 260 hours.


  • Play guitar in blues rock, progressive rock bands.
  • Arrange jam sessions with different guitarists.
  • Travelled extensively in Europe and Northern Middle East.
  • Development of interpersonal skills and understanding of and adaptability to other cultures.



Hi, Blew.

Hope you'll find this useful.

The 4th line in your "Work experience" : The events resulted in two different patent applications. I think, you need to be more precise here, maybe that could sound like "patent for the cooker".

The 2nd line at Computer Skills... "Software" appears to be uncountable. (Or is this just a typo?)

I'd advise you to check your style, I mean using objects without sujects, like "Play guitar in blues rock...". Maybe, it's natural in CVs, but for me it looks a bit strange.

Good luck.
Thank you for your reply, Altynay.
You're right about that i need to be more precise but there is patent confidentiality because of investigation of application. Well, i dont want any trouble with the issue.

What do you mean "Software appears to be uncountable" ? Because, i give the specific list in paranthesis. Should i cut software and put the softwares' names which is in paranthesis ?

You're right again. It is strange for me too. But i'm little bit confused because i'm not native. I examined different type of CVs and i think the details in Work Experience section are ok. But that part "Play guitar", is confusing. Some of UK samples, use the verbs in that section without -ing, but most of US and Canadian samples use the verb with -ing. (samples from universities)
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Regarding software, I just think it is not normally used in plural form "softwares" (to be honest, I checked this by Google and it returned only "software" results - singular form, at least at the 1st page). I daren't judge whether you should put the names into parenthesis or not.

As for Interests section, it contains all the needed information and seems to be correct. I thought it is uniform.

Maybe someone else could help you with style, by the way, I'm a non-natve speaker, too.
Ok. Now i got your point about software. And, well now i'm going to check some styles of CV and rearrange things. Thank you for your precious help. By the way, if anyone wants to help about the style or has some advices, please tell me about it.