Hello friends,

in our european company we’re just working on our new Identity cards and we need your help :-). There must be an important text on the ID cards, which says, that employee is really from our company... The idea of the board of directors is:

“This is to certify that NAME-NAME whose signature and photograph appear hereon, is a regularly appointed an employee of COMPANY-NAME.”

Please - is that correct?

I’m in a doubt - “an employee” OR use JUST “employee”.

Please help. We don’t want to look like a fools after creating hundreds of cards :-).

Tank you so much,



...is currently a full-time employee...

...is currently a part-time employee...


If you insist on using 'a regularly appointed employee', there must be no 'an.'

I suggest the shorter, simpler form

“This is to certify that NAME-NAME, whose signature and photograph appear hereon, is an employee of COMPANY-NAME.”

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Simply clever! Shorter version is better.

Thank you very much :-).


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