Before I stared to write my cover letter, I found this website and learned a lot from good posts in this forum. Thanks for these guys who posted them.
I would be more happy if any help to correct my Cover letter.
Thank you!

Subject: apply for Ph.D program at ***

Dear Prof. ***,

I am writing to apply for PhD program in the field of environmental geotechnique, the research field seems to fitting well with my education, experience and career interests. I am a PhD student who majoring in mining engineering at *** University, a prestigious university in ***. Having been awarded a scholarship from China Scholarship Council(CSC) which sponsors Chinese citizens to study abroad and international students to study in China, I am seeking an opportunity to pursue my Ph.D study at famous research institute in the world. I believe that my research background in mining and geotechnique combined with my course work and professional experience will make me do more contribution to your group.

In June 2006 I got master degree in Safety Engineering with an emphasis on mining safety. During my graduate studies I worked on a research project about how to establish a positioning & management system for people in underground mines, and gained a lot of practical experience of system design thinking and how to deal with details problem. When facing some difficulties in the research works, try different ways, listen to the opinions from others and never give up easily, finally you will find a right and better solution. I think this is what I learned from the whole research process and it proves in the late work and studies.

After graduation I worked as a consulting engineer at the ***Institute of Nonferrous Metals. We perform risk assessment for many mining companies in China, include calculation of tailings dam, safety hazards evaluation for opencast and underground mining. This experience has helped me to develop good working relationships and communication skill with both companies and customers. In September 2007 I became a Ph.D candidate and participated in research projects, such as microseismic monitoring induced by blasting and mining tunnel excavation through hard rock. Since I was engaged in the field of geotechnique and mining, I became more and more interested in environmental protection for geotechnical engineering, such as CO2 Storage - an exciting research field for preventing Greenhouse effect.

I have enclosed my curriculum vitae for your consideration and would be happy to send you additional materials.Thanks very much for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

*** ***
Is there someone to take a look at my Cover letter and give some advice? Danke!
your cover letter sounds so interesting, but 1 point to remember is try to keep it simple. a cover letter with to much information gets put to the side