My Pet

Everybody in this world have their own pet. So do i. I have a pet cat named Mimi. She is a Persian cat. She has a white and soft fur with blue eyes She is from the type of "The Little General". This type of cat assumes control of the my family and my house. She'll kick me out of her chair and demand half of my bed. She also doesn't purr, but she rather glares while being petted as if you're only doing your duty. Sometime she likes yowls rather than meows.

I also teach her the manner to litter. I used the Polymer: F.F.S. which is one type of cat’s litter. This kind of polymer has developed a liquid system that is easy to apply as plain liquid fragrance but which offers the added advantage of protection of the fragrance against evaporation. It is based upon a proprietary polymer which forms a film upon the surface of the clay, trapping the fragrance and sealing it until it is released by action of the cats urine or feces. Shelf-life is good, initial aroma effect is fair. This polymer systems can be applied via sprays in the same manner as simple liquid fragrances.

My cat Mimi loves to eat fish. But I prefer to feed her with Friskies and fresh milk. Now, she become a big and fat cat. I really loves to hug her after she having a bath. Sometimes she will play with toys, but bored quickly. If I give in, i'll quickly have a closet full of cat toys she won't touch any more. She'll sit, apparently doing nothing, and then be off on a tear. When walking across a room, will suddenly she sit down and start grooming herself.

Some of my friends said that, it is not easy to take cares a cat like Mimi as she has a little bad attitudes.. She's affectionate and purrs like mad and comes to the door to greet me when I get home- but when she's unhappy, she lets me know as she will jump up on the kitchen table, make eye contact with me, and start batting things down off the table, just to get my attention. She also like to claws at the sofa and furniture in my house. But no matter how my friends say about her I really loved her very much…Emotion: big smile
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