People are now wasting a lot of food. What causes it and what are possible solutions to it?

More and more people are thowing away food nowadays. There are some underlying causes of this behaviour and some potential solutions to this worrying trend.

Generally speaking, there are two primary reasons why people are discarding more and more food. Perhaps the most logically compelling reason is that food price is relatively cheaper than it was in the past. This is because people have more disposable incomes and receive more pay increases significantly, which leads to inevitably food consumerism, which in turn results in throwing-away food more frequently. Another well-reasoned argument is that organic foods, which are enjoying immense popularity in some countries, are prepared without preservatives, which eventually shorten their shelf-time. As a result, producers and consumers have no informed choice but to discard them. This is because organic fruits and vegetables spoil faster than conventional ones.

Despite these challenges, from an overall perspective, there are two realistic solutions to resolving issue. Perhaps the most effective solution is by imposing extra tax on shortened-life organic foods. As a positive result, more and more people will likely buy conventional food, with some abandoning buying organic meals altogether. Another way to combat this thorny issue is by giving lower-rate tax for people who regularly donate unused food to food bank. Consequently, people are throwing away food to bins less frequently and at the broadly same time are becoming food bank donors, with some working voluntarily as chef with unused and suboptimal food.

In conclusion, food throwing-away is a topic which is obviously relevant to the food consumerism society with more disposable income and with the popularity of organic foods. However, I believe that the viable ways to solve this problem are by imposing tax on organic food and lower taxes for food bank donors.


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