Hello everyone Emotion: smile , this is the first time for me to come here.
I have the English test tomorrow. My teacher told everybody to write an essay for the test. So I'm preparing by writing this. please tell me the mistakes for the essay below (and this paragraph too). Thank you very much. I hope I can write English better.

Thailand is very lucky to has a great king, His Majesty the King Phumipol Maharaj. The word "Maharaj" has been given to a few Thai kings because it means "very great king".
It has been 60 years in the throne of his majesty. About 200000 people gathered at Sanam Laung on 1 December 2005 afternoon to celebrete this occasion.
His Majesty has devoted himself to develope the country all the time.

His Majesty graciously initiated more than 3000 Royal Development Projects that have helped all people in the country, especially in remote areas.
He travelled long journey many times with medical and developement team to see poor people in remote areas. So all Thai people love him very much.
My secondary school was build according to the one of his wishes. the name is "rajchadumri" that means "King's speech".

His Majesty has many talents and abilities. He used to win golden medal in the sailboat international competition and he could make the various kinds of sailboat by himself.
He has composed many songs which can be heard sometimes on TV and radio. He invented Chaipattana aerator that remove pollutants effectively.
He has conducted many researches and theories designed only to help his land and everybody.

His Majesty has taught us about sufficiency economy. It is all about living adequate. I've known His Majesty's shoes had been fixed many times. a man used to present him a new model mobile phone
but he refuse politely. He said my old mobile phone was still work,this was enough for me. I've seen the picture of his work room in the palace.
it is a simple room that has a lot of documents and books on the desk and the bookshelves. the room does not has any decoration.

There are a lot to say about His Majesty. His fame has grown so much from his great deeds since he sat on the throne.
He has received several doctorate degrees both in and out of the country. He has stopped many big chaoses in Bangkok which had happened from disunite of people, military and government by his wisdom and prestige.
So every thais would say "long live the king".
Hi Small Cactus,

Since this is a test, I'm not sure if I should help you. But do proofread again and pay attention to your basic tenses, your spelling and capitalization.

Good luck!
Well done, Small Cactus. Your English seems to be much better than average Thais'. On top of the comments from julielai, I would encourage you to try to write shorter sentences, and also so to be more specific in your trains of thought. Other mistakes that keep occurring have to do with your use of article and choice of vocabulary. I hope this at least helps you in the long run, though not for your upcoming test. Good luck.