In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of Health and Fitness are decreasing

What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures for solves

These days thanks of technology that jobs have been became easier and convenient than always.due to the fact that of this, in some countries ,nowadays,people got Beefeater and this is among them rised significantly
in this essay I intended to explain my viewpoint regarding this issue.
first of all, as previously mentioned in my opinion the first reason for increasing average weight would be less physical demanded jobs.As it can be seen, most of works are behind the desk and using computer and hordes of employees do not have enough physical activity.
Another reason that I would like to say is the growing of consuming of fastfoods. It obviously see that the vast distribution of population specifically young generation would rather have ready meal for their lunch or dinner more than healthy food. Because of that so many corporations and shops of fast-food are being established rapidly all around the world.
in addition, for countries with this issue I think we have to increase people’s awareness about how harmful this trend can be. Moreover, government have to build more and more place for exercise such as gym, park and etc. meanwhile Setting up competition among people who work out and give Prize may encourage them.
In the way of conclusion I want to reaffirm my position that the lack of workout and exercise currently leads people to so many health problem and diseases when they get old age. And people especially some who is spend long hours behind desk have to be informed and do work that requires physical activity or do Sport.

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