Topic: Benefits of animals.

People have relied on animals for decades as they are not only food providers but also friends and helpers. Nowdays, it is clear that they are parts of human lives.

First of all, animals have been considered to be one of the most essential food sources. In the past, our ancestors survived by hunting and eating meat from them. They are now the common protein providers since people comsume meat, eggs and milk daily. Those products contain nutrients and full fill energy needed for activities. Many brands build their reputation by selling dishes with animals meat as main ingredient such as Mc Donals or KFC.

In addition, people usually raise animals as pets in households. Some species were tamed and treated as a families’ member. They are loyal and beloved by everyone, especially children. For example, dogs can be friends of children and sometimes babysitters when parents are cooking or doing housework. It is claimed to be helpful to have animals as pets during one’s childhood since their personalities could be developed in a more positive way.

Last but not least, animals are effective helpers. People used to use horses as the main transportation to travel and explore. Nowadays, although horses are not commonly used to travel, they remain valuable. They are used in entertaining purposes, for example races, sports or tourism. Furthermore, buffaloes help farmers with farm work in poor and developing countries. They carry heavy stuffs and provide traction in areas where machines are not popular.

In conclusion, animals provide an extensive listing of advantages for people. They play important roles as sources of food, friends of people and productive helpers.

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