International travel has many advantages to both travellers and the country that they visited. Do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent decades there has been a substantial diversification in internation tourism destinations, and many countries have experienced phenomenal growth in tourist arrivals. While it is true that this industry has brought both benefits and drawbacks, I believe that the advantages are outweighed by the negative consequences of this development.

The idea that, both travellers and host country benefit enourmously from international travel. Firstly, tourists have opportunities to enjoy a whale of a time in forein country. They will be rewarded by natural areas of a beauty which cannot be experienced in their homeland or they are able to acquire a wide range of local traditions and customs. Secondly, global tourism is associated with developing in economy of host country. As international travel companies expand to meet the rising in demand for tourists, more jobs are created within communities, reducing the unemployment figures, leading to the increasing in prosperity.

On the other hand, it seems to me that the drawbacks which raise cause for concern outweigh the benefits. In terms of the visitors themselves, they are often overcharged everything from a taxi, a meal in a restaurant or buying souvenirs with grossly inflated prices. From the host country perspective, tourism is the main cause for environmental degradation. Because of unregulated constructions of hotels and tourist attractions, a great deal of trees were cut down, leading to ecological imbalance as well as speeding up the process of global warming. Many beach resorts in Thailand and Malaysia, for instance, have become concrete jungles of high-rise hotels and apartments to accommodate mass tourism from Europe.

In conclusion, I will restate my view again that there are more disadvantages of international travel for both travelllers and host countries than the good aspects.

Huy Trần Đăng I will restate my view again

That is not good.

restate = state again

Your writing is then: "state again my view again"

It puts a very bad taste in my mouth!