The bar graph illustrate the money spent on hamburger, fish and chips and pizza by three separate income groups from UK in 1990.

Overall, regardless of which food is desired, the more money people receive, the more money they spend on fast food. Hamburgers consumption was highest among high-income earners.Pizza was the least popular food among all income groups.

The highest income earners spent more than 40 on hamburgers, belonging to the upper person's income who spent more than 30 and the low income earner who spent less than 15. The higher income earner, on the other hand, had not spent much money on fish and chips as of above 15, while the average income earner had spent a lot of money on hamburgers (above 30) and fish and chips (above 25). Fish and chips (above 15) and hamburger (below 15) were the most expensive products among low-income earners.

Pizza was the least preferred food among the three income groups, scoring just below 20 for upper middle income earners, just above 10 for middle income earners, and above 6 for low income earners.


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