Please help me to check the gramma & use of word of the following sentences!!Thank you~~ ^^

If we see the philosophy “As there is nothing we can absolutely sure, then why should we keep up to sure.” objectively, we may think it’s impossible. As everybody has something they need to keep up. So when you ask them to give up their faith, they may feel confused. Thus my design mood is confused.

So, when you watch my garment, you will feel confused which part is the dress and which part is the overcoat.
If we consider the philosophy objectively: "As there is nothing we can absolutely be sure of, then why should we carry on with our quest for the undeniable", it may seem to be exact. However, everybody is pursuing unrealistic dreams, and when asked to give it up, they feel confused, just like I do.
This is my interpretation of your writing.
thank you