Thank you for your patience. I have to admit that you have a super intellect(I meant ability of comprehension). I almost make me confusion after I wrote a question that I want to asked, almost can't understand what I wrote. Whom can I blame(or 'blame to'?)?

Probably, you know, the english education in China is completely for preparation of exam. You know, the type of exam in China is very limited, so the teachers ask us that practise(or practising?) the exercises again and again. Finally, ours english become a "Dump English"! We can't say, can't write, can't listen. Because it is not the request of the exam. Thus, my ability of english is very sucks except a little bit of reading comprehension. It make me feel that I learn english for exam, not for myself !

Now, most of you can see what I wrote is from teacher, english news paper, internet or many articles from all kinds of forum(Cause there is not environment of english for me, so my english is a complex english). Because I really want to learn it by myself. Just as an interest. Not for job, salary, oversea study or anything else, nothing and noone oblige me to do that, except myself, just interest. So I forced myself to browse english website, to post articles in english at english forum etc. It is very difficult to fit that(or leave out?) this attempt at the first, as far now, things getting better(or 'things is getting a little better?).

IMO, one man should grasp a foreign language in his life, that would be funy. He can see another view of the world by it(you know,there is not freedom of press or saying in China) .I am interested in so much things aroud world, therefore, I need to master the language tool . The chinese and english is the two top big language, I know the first, now second.

So, if anyone of you want to help me to improve my english, you'd better point out the incorrect usage in my words(or 'of my words'?) pls.

PS: Above words takes(or 'take,took'?) me about 2.5 hours, thanks to my dictionary software and friends here. Whatever mistake of grammar or usage or tense you find in my words, pls tell me, thanks a lot.
Hi Alanou,

It's too late here and I have to go to bed. But before I do, I want to point out to a few things you have to be careful about. Pay close attention to the tense you use in a sentence. For example, "I almost make me confusion after I wrote a question that I want to asked, almost can't understand what I wrote." should be changed to something like this: I get confused when I write down a question that I want to ask, and I can't understand what I've written myself. Notice that the verbs in the sentence are all in present tense, because you're talking about something that is happening over a period of time that includes the present time. My advice to you is to read as much as you can, but stick to reliable sources, like the news sites, ... And study some easy grammar books, and try to make sentences with the grammar rules you learn. You can post your sentences here to be corrected. I know that Longman publishes some good simplified stories, try to start with something like that, or some children's books. I think there should be some resources on the net as well,give me some time to find some sites to introduce to you. Good luck with your study.
Thanks for your warm help! I'll try my best to study it according to you said. What a really kind girl you are!

But one more question, why did you use a now perfect tense in the sentence " I get confused when I write down a question that I want to ask, and I can't understand what I've written myself"? Why don't use the past tense ?
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You're welcome, Alanou,

"Can't" is in the present tense, so the other verb in the sentence should also be in the present tense. Though you've written your sentence before trying to read it, the use of present perfect is correct because it shows the events that have started in the past and continued till now/the present time. I know this grammatical explanations are hard to understand! You can get it better by reading other examples in a good grammar book. Hope that it helps.
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