I have been vehemently aggrieved to write since this circumstance has been previously negotiated along with you.

While although I have been to the vacation of 15 days which has been recommended and authorize by the relevant party I might not be in a position to come in an effort to report to my duty suddenly at the nick of time of the relevant period, entirely due to the unavoidable and unfortunate circumstance of that I had been in the vacation since July 1,2018 almost 30 days all of you were not at the office by dint of your vacation although you and the Head of my Department had been informed through the E-mail alike.

Meanwhile, because the payment of “With Pay Annual Leave” of August Month and the payment of Over Time of June Month have been obstructed and hold by the Account Department together with the salary of about 15 days of August Month I am considerably embarrassed in the huge inconvenience of economical resistance and crisis as well as this crisis has been too considerable and big to find and spend the daily expenditure.

After the huge confrontation and discussion, you apparently and clearly realized and understand relating to that the Account Department has been mistaken to prepare the calculation, undertaking that the payment which is the due and owing amount on behalf of my Bank Account is definitely released by the Month of August along with the August salary.

In view of this situation, the relevant payment had not been yet released together with the August salary. I can no longer be embarrassed in the economical inconvenience by that the Account Department had not considered to calculate the payment of “With Pay Annual Leave” of July Month and the Over-Time of June Month on their carelessness in the Month of July.

Therefor, while I have been in the inconvenience for 2 month I can no long wait for that the payment would be released, by September as well as this is not the first time which I was embarrassed in my tenure of 15 years.

Please, if you kindly inform that who has been responsible to solve this problem when you are not in the capacity of making the decision, being the Head of Human-Resource I may be happy to inform and discuss regarding this circumstance.

anonymousPlease... advise me on this

You have stuffed your letter so full of unnecessary verbiage that I can make no sense of it.