There is some difficult to arrange the inspection in whole order lot as your proposed. Because there is several difference shipment window in one order, which is more complicate to combine all together for one time inspection. Actually, I have group all various shipment in one time inspection in order to save the cost, but sometime cannot match them in perfect, because it should depend the shipment window, the cargo ready date from the factory .... etc. Then, we only can try to group more shipment for one time inspection, but cannot for one whole order for one inspection.
There is some difficulty in arranging the inspection in whole order lots as you propose. Because there are several different shipment windows for one order, it is more complicated to combine them all together for a single inspection. Actually, I have grouped various shipments in single inspections in order to save costs, but sometimes I cannot match them perfectly; it depends on the shipment windows, the cargo ready date from the factory, etc. We can try to group more shipments for a single inspection, but cannot do so for one whole order.

Please send the attached to vendor for arranging the inspection.