Dear all,

Originally, the amount should be entred as fine but I used wrong key mode of service charges on the cash machine by mistake.

So I just need to write down a short note for amended.

Could you check my grammar please?

"The amount of 3000$ was entred wrongly as the service charges instead of being as "Fine-3000$".

Thanks in advance.

Nake Chef
The amount of $3000 was entered incorrectly as a service charge instead of as a fine.
Dear Teacher Mister Micawber,

Thanks for your correction.

I've got another mistake which is the same as the first one but I would like to write in different way.

Would you mind checking it, sir?

The amount $500 should have been as a sale originally but it was entered as a fine by mistake.

Thank you for your kind help and quick response.

Naked Chef.
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The amount of $500 should have been recorded as a sale, but it was entered as a fine in error.
Dear Teacher Mister Micawber,

I don't know how to thank you.

Thanks millions.

Your quick response is really helpful to me,sir.

We going to meet with auditor at the end of this month so I've got stress.

I owe you!

Naked chef
Yes, that stress is natural. I know because I used to be an auditor. Good luck!
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Dear Teacher Mister Micawber,

This is the last one. don't mind meEmotion: embarrassed

This one is little complicate. I'm going to tell the story first. I used "miscellaneous key mode" for fine-$120 but when it came to refund this amount, I used "Fine key mode" instead of using miscelleous key mode" by mistake on the cash machine.

Here is my note for this amendment below.

Could you check my grammar please,sir?

"The amount of $120 was entered as Miscelleous at first but it had been made a refund incorrectly as a fine ."

Is that enough? or do i need to write more.

Thanks for your kind help, sir.

Naked chef
I think this explains the problem well enough, NC:

The amount of $120 was entered as Miscelleous in error, but it was then refunded incorrectly as a fine.
Dear Teacher Mister Micawber,

Sorry for my late reply. I'm using internet from my office and there is no internet connection at my house.

Thanks for your kind help.

I'm looking forward your reply if i have posts next time.

Best wishes,

Naked chef
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