please check following sentences are correct, as i have to submit it in very important application....PLEASE HELP ME. Emotion: thinking

Caring for him from the time I was in my first year of medical school helped me get a holistic picture of the disease. The various complications that he would encounter and the solutions offered by the doctors at that time gave me an insight into the problems faced by others afflicted such chronic diseases.

Other attributes in me that I feel will help me to take up internal medicine are my dedication and loyalty to my cause, good interpersonal skills and great listening skills.
The only thing you will absolutely have to change is "afflicted such ...", which must be "afflicted by such ...".
Very good.
PS. It's "grammar".
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thanx calif,

i have one specific doubt is that whether i need to put 'to' before 'get' in first sentence.???
No, "to" before "get" there is not necessary.
We can say "help get" or "help to get". Your sentence is quite long, and saving even one word by leaving out "to" is a fine idea!
thank you for the support you have been giving to us
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