The three pie charts provide a breakdown of data upon three different means of transport used to transfer goods in a country in Europe in three different periods: 1800, 1850, and 1900.

Overall, while canals was the most popular mode of goods transportation in 1800, its popularity reduced considerably to pave way for railways between 1850 and 1900. The other means of goods transportation observed corresponding decreases in their percentage.

with respect to canals, despite its dominance in 1800-at 68%, its proportion declined sharply to only 30% in 1850. There was a twofold decrease in its proportion in 1900. Another category to also see a remarkable dip in its percentage was roads whose initial proportion was 30%. It fell by 15% in 1900.

By contrast, while the number of merchandise transported by trains accounted for 2% in 1800, its momentum gained a lot in 50 years subsequently when its percentage made up half of the pie chart, and it went up to 70% in 1900. That was a factor of thirty-five.

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